Thursday, October 20, 2005

We Are Family

It’s always exciting watching the birth of a new blog. Not that I have witnessed one as of late but whenever I blog-surf, I make it a point to read the very first blog that he/she wrote. That ‘first time’ would always sounded shy and fidgety…

“Ummm, this is my first post and to be honest I really don’t know what to write ha ha…”

TAPI, ha bila dah lama memblogging, amik kau! No more short uncomfortable sentences, but strong, friendly and trusting words started to form…which is a delight really :o) Macam macam ada. Blog sedihlah. Happy bloglah. Funny bloglah…and steady diet of Sewel blogs….like mine hehehehe!

The thing is, with our working hours these days, you don’t even have time for yourself, what more for your friends. No more planned, deliberate lunches with gurl friends. Now, catching ups are done more on ‘stolen’ times. So with blogging, you manage to stay in touch with friends…and not just friends dekat dekat sini jer. Friends all over the world summore. And sometimes, you are much ‘closer’ to people that you met through blogs/blogging….oui? You know what was going on in their lives….who are they seeing, what did they have for dinner, are they happy or sad….things that friends share.

So I’d like to think that the people that I ‘met’ through Frankensteina are my friends. We may not know each others’ real name, but we share our daily lives with each other. We offer our ear (or eyes for that matter) and advice to those who are in need and share joy when someone passes their exam or have a new baby ladida…

And that’s what make me keep coming back here…...thanks peeps ;o)

Monday, October 17, 2005


Anda tahu anda sedikit sewel dan juga mempunyai masalah bila anda 'memblogging' secara mental di hujung minggu dah tidak sabar untuk masuk ke pejabat untuk melepaskan gian memblogging/membaca blogging anda.

Hari ni saya tergedik gedik membaca blog blog kegemaran saya setibanya saya di pejabat pagi tadi.

Saya juga secara mental 'memblogging' di dalam kepala saya di hujung minggu.

Ya, saya sewel and bermasalah...


Saturday, October 15, 2005

That (7) Thing You Do

My turn?...

Tagged by The Chocolatty One (MK) ;o)

7 Things to do Before I Die

1. Repent and bring my Mumsy and Daddsy to perform Haj with me.
2. Adopt a child/ build a rumah anak yatim
3. Build a mosque.
4. To go around the world.
5. Fly a Cesna
6. Take Hot Papa to watch a Man U football match in UK.
7. Get married, have loads of children :o)

7 Things I Cannot Do

1. Cook....I'm a useless doink when it comes to cooking
2. Swim...believe it or not? i'm claustrophobic
3. Keep a straight face watching Blue Collar Comedy
4. Go fishing...I don't have the patience
5. Hate matter how scrawny/ugly/smelly they are.
6. Sleep with the lights off...must have light, only can sleep.
7. Sedut Siput Sedut. Tak pernah dapat satu pun hahahahaha!

7 Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex

1. Sense of humour, tres tres important. Nothing sexier than a good laugh.
2. Goatee, I find it very 'macho'.
3. Fair-skinned, dark men just simply turn me off.
4. Patience, which is a must really if you're dealing with yours truly heh. So far only Hot Papa knows how to 'handle' me when I act up and be Miss Grouchy.
5. Manners....I just detest men who are plain biadap to orang tua-tua and to women especially.
6. Shy men..... ;o) I like to tease.
7. Charisma, power, intelligence and confidence.....that's just the Cappy in me.

7 Things I Say Most Often

1. Bodoh (strictly while driving only)
2. Oh really?
3. Correct....(and followed by anything work related sentences)
4. Did you just popot? (always to Hot Papa)
5. Ewwwwwwwwww (When Hot Papa answered my No. 4 with "yes"...heheh)
6. Mati terkangkang la aku buat Minutes ni (to my fellow office mates)
7. Slrrruuuurrppppssss! ;o)

7 Celebrity Crushes

1. Tom Welling (oh that bubble gum lips and that jaw, and that arms...and chest..and that eyes...not forgetting that buns *arrrrr* heheh)
2. Brad Pitt
3. Colin Firth
4. Michael Ballack...and I seriously don't know why ha ha!
5. Monica Belluci...yes I know she's a woman but dang! she's blardy hot!
6. Afdlin Shauki....heheh because he is just adorable :o)
7. ..and Jon Bon Jovi still do a thang or two to me...

7 People I want to do this

1. Rostam Effendi
2. Anasalwa
3. Ehlina
4. Oreos
5. Lollies
6. Shopper Mom
7. Murni M

Have fun people ;o)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday is Friday

Yesterday at 5:45 pm, Hot Papa and I left my apartment and off we went to Uptown. And oh the jam the blardy after kona here and kona there we reached Uptown in less than an hour. Hot Papa had an interview yesterday and alhamdulillah all went well. Now we are just waiting to be called for the 2nd interview. Only thing that the interview was scheduled to be at 6:30 pm and it actually started at 7:30 pm. I was kind of pissed because dah la its bulan puasa and you are interviewing a muslim. Be a lil bit aware la that he/she have to berbuka puasa. Hot Papa reached there much much earlier then some of the other interviewees but he was called last to be interviewed! *hmmph* Not sensitive at all. Interviewees yang lain tu tak berpuasa, takpe la. Hot Papa came first, interview him ler dulu.

I had my fair share of bad interview experiences, which mostly involved rude/ignorant/eksyen interviewers. Some of them didn't even bother to read my resume before calling me in for interview, resulted in "I'm sorry, you're not what we're looking for". Well if you would have read my resume first, I wouldn't have to drive ALL the way in the rain terkejar sana terkejar sini right? I was also asked in various occasions "Your resume is impressive but do you speak Ch*nese? because we are looking for someone who can speak ch*nese" Oh boy, suddenly nobody speaks English or Malay anymore?

Anyway, the interview ended at around 8, we went to Ikano and had the delicioustest nasik ayam at at the Food Court and we were too pooped to jalan jalan. I sent him back to his house and I reached mine around 11 pm. Showered and I was out by 11:15 pm.

And I thought today was Friday....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Odd One Out

I just found out that those who serve less than 3 months are not eligible to take any leave.


"So Kak HR, maksudnya saya tak boleh ambik cut for this coming Raya?

Tak boleh

Langsung tak boleh?

Yea, langsung tak boleh…

Memang tak boleh sangat sangat tak boleh?"

*Kak HR stared at me homicidally*

OH TIDAAAAAKKKKK! Which means I'll be the only one in my department working...what the 'eck?

Ermmm....sapa sapa yang tak balik raya dan berada di kawasan Bukit Jalil, Subang, Kelana Jaya dan Shah Alam serta kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya sila lah menjemput saya ke rumah...

He he he...but really I can't take leave except the official ones of course :o(


Monday, October 10, 2005

Bend It Like Frankie

So what does a girl do when it's 1:30 am in the morning and she can't sleep?

She put on "Sade Live" and her Yoga For Abs (advance) vcd and bend like a pretzel. I've done Yoga efore but never an advance Yoga before. So I thought "hey, what can be so different from the normal Yoga that I do? Pffftt! I can do this"...

...and 5 minutes later, I was sweating buckets and huffing and puffing and growling *arrrrrr* and I wonder how on earth did she manage to bring her legs there with her hands on there and her head down there ever so effortlessly while there I was gasping for air just trying to lift my leg up??

But hey...brownie points for me for even trying. And I tell ya! Don't let the slow movement fool you. A simple bengkang bengkok can leave you breathless and sweating like an oink. Oyy!

Today despite it being Monday, seems to breeze through with ease. I have managed to clear most of the minutes and now I'm just taking a breather to write this piece.

And most importantly to K.Ana : I have received your e-mail and last two weeks amidst replying a looooooong reply to you, Kapooosh! my pc went blank. Electricity kaput :o( so I'll try and reply to you soonest ok K.Ana? :o)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A lil bit of this a lil bit of that

I have shait loads of work to be done but today my brain just stubbornly refuse to work. Have you had one of those days where you are just plain lazy bom bom that you can't seem to be functioning at all? Where you do nothing the whole day but daydream and 'termenung'? I am in 'termenung' mode today. I have been 'termenung'ing the last couple of hours and quite suprisingly I find it very soothing and calming.....


We are having 'Makan Busat' today in the office for lunch. It's Mega Pot Luck Day since we will be fasting tomorrow, so it's time to stuff our face silly. And I'm the Dessert Lady. So yesterday after work, Hot Papa and I decided to make a pit stop at Giant Kelana Jaya to get a cake, some cookies and some jelly. Had almost a romantic dinner until Hot Papa pointed out that we were overlooking a sewer. Eww...


The Budget didn't all. Except if you are a civil servant which I'm not...neither is Hot Papa. Honestly I am rather scared of what 2006 might bring...with the rise in prices of things and all. It's difficult to even make it til the end of the month...what more save. And we are not the kind of people who splurge around. Our (only) luxury is perhaps a couple of dvds or dinner somewhere different than our usual mamak hunt. I have a feeling that things are going to be a lil more harder next year and times to come *sighs*...


Driving in KL can seriously give me a heart attack! I believe it's in the attitude....and it would make a lil or no difference at all even with heavier penalties imposed. Macamjalanbapakdianakkonakanankakonakirikasignalpuntakbagipehtu


Tomorrow we start 'puasa'...I vow to do good things and be a very good gurl.....for at least one month he he he. To all muslim around the world, Happy Fasting.