Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Something Old Something New

Hot Papa and I have decided that our wedding will be a very small and private affair, to be attended only by families and loved ones. Reason being is that we don’t see the need to spend so much on a big, elaborated wedding only to be attended by people whom we hardly know or care about. A friend strongly opposed to this idea, citing that we only get married once in our life time, so must have big humongous bash to celebrate the day with everyone. But Hot Papa and I would rather be spending the money in getting a house or a new car I desperately need.

I have yet to plan anything at all and the fact that I’m so effin’ relax about the whole thing is driving my mom crazy heheh.

“Must book caterer now!”

“Must book tok kadi now!”

“Must book place now!”

“Must book everything now!”

I was told that all the good caterers are no longer available the time of my wedding *gulp!* and I may need to beg the tok kadi to come to my house to perform the ceremony(?)

And all those forms to fill?? And here I was thinking that getting married is easy peasy.


Friday, February 09, 2007

I Do

Hot Papa have asked me to marry him...
..and of course I said yes!
And the countdown begins!

I Know What You Did Last Time

While spring cleaning my old old old e-mails the other day, I discovered an e-mail by an ex-bf. Lets call him NIRSI aka TheSpinelessDick. The SpinlessDick and I dated for an extremely short while back in the dinosaur days, and being TheSpinelessDick that he was (and still is), he decided the best way to break the news to me is to not break the news at all. I later discovered that he was seeing another gal (no surprise there).

So, being a woman, a closure is (almost) inevitable. I just had to know why (don’t we all?). So I contacted him back a few years later and we made (sorta) peace. I got the closure that I wanted and he was at that time seeing a gal (lets call her TheCluelessVictim). Being the whinny spineless dick that he was (I still slap myself silly thinking that I used to fancy this guy! There must be something seriously wrong with me) he whined and complained about his current (then) gf. No, not complaining…but bitching about The CluelessVictim.

And this went on for almost a month…everyday.

Crap! I thought to myself, what the fish had I gotten myself into. So I told him…

“Get the heck out of the relationshiplah if you’re not happy. No point just complaining about it, yes?”

So he did, citing to TheCluessVictim that *I*, the ex-gf have asked him to break-up with her.

Say what?!
How low can you go baby? How low?

God is great. TheCluelessVictim and I met at a barbeque and the rest was history.

So I was framed. No biggie. I believe in karma. What goes around will come around and bite ya in the ass.

The last time I heard he was sleeping with someone’s wife and at the same time finggering a Chinese girl at the back of his Toyota.

Also he was “asked to leave” aka sacked from one of the best law firm in Malaysia. His family supposedly comes from a long line of legal background with father and aunty in high places.

"He was the joke of the (then) office," so his (then) officemates said to me.

A few years down the road, I bumped into TheSpinlessDick again. He was then engaged to a lovely lady, lets call her Corina Corina. I told him that Corina Corina sounded like a great decent gal, so I said perhaps it’s time you stop screwing around and settle down.

Instead, TheSpinelssDick said,

“F, the sex is just so lame and boring”

“F, she is emotionally clingy”

“F, she is pushing me to get married”

And he even showed me all the sms that Corina Corina sent to him.
"No it's my fault. I'm sorry", she said.
Poor gal thought it was her fault that things didn’t go well with them.

TheSpinelessDick then asked,

“F can I borrow your room for a couple of hours?”

“What for?”

“I’m meeting up with this gurl and I don’t want to rent a hotel for just a couple hours. Rugi”


It was something that I should have not said as I later learned.

The next thing I knew, I was attacked by Corina Corina citing that *I* was the one who wanted to sleep with TheSpinelessDick and I was trying to break up their engagement. I was also regarded as the pathetic ex-gf who wanted to get back with TheSpinelessDick and who was jealous with Corina Corina and this whole shenanigans was posted all over internet bla bla bla.

.....I have to say, it was not a surprise to me that that happened.

I guess TheSpinelessDick had to do what he had to do to save himself. He must feel very proud that Corina Corina defended him with all her might. He ought to be. Not every woman would want to marry a guy who cheated on her 3 months before the wedding. That gal got balls I tell ya.

I don’t blame Corina Corina. She was a woman in love and wanted to marry TheSpinelessDick no matter what.

I found out that Corina Corina and TheSpinelessDick got married sometime in 2005. The Chinese gal who TheSpinelessDick fingered at the back of his Toyata told me about it 2 weeks ago.

My best of luck to Corina Corina.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Laugh A Day Keeps A Wrinkle Away

One of the reasons that I look forward to when I go to work everyday is that I know that I’ll definitely have at least one good laugh everyday….

Thanks to the crazy people that I work with heheheheheh!

To Diyana, Rena, Farah, Dina and the lot

Happy shiny people!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Un Deux Trois

I blame it on the fact that yesterday was a holiday and it’s almost a cardinal sin to make people go back to work the next day, especially when the next day being Friday. My brain has decided to shut down totally today and although I have piles of work to do, I can’t seem to get into gear 1 and start. Which means, I’ll be spending my weekends (barfing) generating Minutes (or not he he)

When one is chubby like me, people assume that you are in dire need of diet tips/diet pills/ jamu/julap for they assume that I must be miserable being fat and chubby, hence gives them the right to pinch my cheeks, jiggle my wobbly arms and slap my wiggly ass while imparting useless useful diet tips, as well as success “akak-dulu-cuma-makan-angin-ngan-minum-air-kosong-turun-40kg” stories. Tu belum cerita gedel (“gurdle”) yang kalau pakai badan terus macam J.Lo.

Yes I am grossly out of shape and can never fit into size 4, but I really am happy the way I am…really. Perhaps it’s a hard concept to grasp, but it’s possible to feel happy even if you’re not thin enough/rich enough/pretty enough. This misconception that you must be all that to feel happy is just full of bollocks.

I have friends who whine, moan and whimper for the ‘lack of things’ but never truly say thanks for things that they have. Me, I am just happy to have my health, my work and people that I love around me.

Aaaaand I'm rambling again. Must put a stop to this hahahah!

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

A conversation with a female friend last week made me thank god that Hot Papa is not one of’em “Metro-I-go-for-pedicure-manicure-facial-3-times-a-week-sexual Man”

I mean really, do you want your man to have a fairer and much smoother skin than yours?

Heck no not me!

I want my man to be...well butt-scratching, I-wash-my-face-while-I-shampoo-my-hair, stubble-face, burping, remote-control controlling man.

I just can’t stand brand conscious, tie-shoes-manbag(?)-hankerchief-colour-coded, Evian-drinking, perfume-spraying, beyotching man. I understand the need to groom oneself to look presentable but when you rush back home to change your shirt because it didn’t match your cuff links is just too way much, yes? I mean, really who gives an effin’ care, really.

Please bring the real man back!