Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Of Sleeping Bag and 8 Lamps (I'm really bad at titles urgh!)

The next couple of weeks are going to be hectic and full of late nights. We have 4 major meetings down the pipeline and 2 of them are going to be back-to-back. I so am not too sure what is going to happen to me, really. I have asked Diyana if I can borrow her sleeping bag. She was quite reluctant to partake with it for she herself might need it. The last time I checked, she left the office at 3 a.m.

The negotiation last weekend was adjourned til further notice. Honestly, nothing was resolved last weekend. We were busy justifying all the things that we wanted to bring to the PIL's house, that for now, only the dusty wing chair will be left behind. So I guess this will take a while before we both come to our senses and realise that we do not need 4 shoe racks and 8 lamps.

My chikadee Odie is going to be a mama! Hurrah! Which means I'm going to be a grandmama(?) but I am quite thrilled with the prospects of having kittens around the house again. Odie's tummy is very visible and she's not her usual hyperactive self. She's more content to bury herself under the comforter and sleep, which is much to Ronnies chagrin. That boy just wants to play and play and play. Anyhow, yesterday Odie displayed the maternal side of her when she held Ronnie while they were sleeping. And Ronnie was just being a big baby that he is ha ha.

Excusez moi if I have not been dropping comments as of late. I didn't even have time to pee when I'm in the office, what more surfing all my favourite blogs but I promise to do so every chance I have.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seeing Double

So here lies the problem. We have 2 fridges, 4 TVs, 2 microwaves, 2 washing machines, 2 sets of couches, 2 dining tables, 2 irons, 2 stoves, 2 sound systems, 2 of this and 2 of that…we pretty much have 2 of everything!

How are we going to accommodate all of our possessions into the parents-in-laws (PIL) house come August after we moved in (temporarily)? I really do not mind selling/give away some of my stuffs. So does Hot Papa. But the thing is that we may have to move out of the house in a couple of years after PIL comes back for good. It would be quite a waste to sell off our things and later, have to buy back when we move into our own abode.

To sell or not to sell?

Help! What are we to do?

And there are a few of my things that I am very reluctant to sell/give away for I have some form of attachment to them i.e. sentimental value. Just the other day I had a bit of a tiff with Hot Papa when he suggested that I sell off my (first) big TV. I know it’s nothing much, it’s just a TV but I bought that TV as a present to myself when I got my (dream) job (gazillion years ago). Hot Papa got a lil annoyed when I ask him to throw away his (smelly) big pillow citing that the pillow is very comfy. I think that he just didn’t want to part with his ‘bantal busuk’. Haha!

So there you go. We are now making a list of things that we have and we are meeting up this weekend to discuss the fate of my big TV and his smelly pillow.

Wish me luck gals!

….and here is Ronnie’s best impersonation of Yoda. :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Changing the bed sheet proved to be very challenging when you have cats like Ronnie and Odie. My attempt to change my bed sheet last night was stalled indefinitely when they decided to treat the bed as a war zone. They jumped and twisted and kicked and slam dunked on the bed the moment I tried laying the sheet. And when I did manage to tuck the sheet underneath the mattress, they would pull the sheet out and made a big round circle of sheet before they nonchalantly stepped inside the ring and pretending to be sleeping.

So, I 'jentik' Odie's ears. She growled and hissed and was ready to pounce on me. Arrrrr!

And, I smacked Ronnie a lil bit (just a lil bit) so he would get up and let me finish tucking in the sheet….and this is what happened….

He ignored me completely when I called him to bed and he even refused a treat! Wah very hard to ‘pujuk’ this boy I tell ya. So after much coaxing and ‘pujuking’, he jumped on the bed, pulled the sheet out and pout.

Heheheheh! I can't live without my chikadees :)

Monday, April 09, 2007

It's My Wedding I'd Panic If I Want To

It was rather foolish of me to think that since it is going to be my wedding, I would have a total control over the preparation. A meeting with the aunty-in-law-to-be (AILTB) over the weekend proved that I do not have (almost) any control whatsoever over the preparation (much so especially when my sister-in-law-to-be is rather ehem…bossy).

After the discussion, Hot Papa and I realized that we have not done anything for our impending wedding and that it is just another 4 months away and there are so much to do. With a slight panic attack, we started to list down things that needed to be done. We have yet to book a place for the reception (on my side) and we just found out that the date we have chosen for the reception coincides with the beginning of school holiday.

Then there are cards, caterer, canopies, costumes, cakes, and so much more!

There goes our dream of a small private wedding *sighs* It was really hard explaining to the AILTB that we wanted a small simple wedding with only families and good friends. Apparently Hot Papa belongs to a very huge clan and we HAVE to invite ALL first….second…seven thousandth cousins to the wedding. Thank goodness my side of the family, there are only 12 of us! hahahah

But I guess AILTB has a point. Wedding is the time you meet all your new relatives and families (though still I prefer a small beach wedding or something).

So this whole wedding preparation matter has deterred me from getting good nights sleep the last two days. I kept waking every hour or so. I even dreamt walking down the aisle naked because I forgot to get meself a wedding attire! Yikes. So last Sunday saw me scouring shops looking for material and whatnot. I have yet to find what I wanted but at least I’ve started. And I have already bought door gifts for guests. (phewww)

So….’door gifts’ = checked!

Off to the next agenda.

.....and while I was busy getting things done, my two chikadees were busy having fun playing with newspapers and boxes in the apartment. I went home to a house full of shredded newspapers and torn boxes. Odie and Ronnie thought it would be fun to see me screaming at them and then decided to just jump on the bed and sleep before snoring quite loudly with no sense of remorse whatsoever. Sheesh!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ronnie the Busybody Cat

This is what happened when I tried to bring home work last weekend....

Making sure that its well plugged-in.

Ok ok i confess. It was Ronnie who has been writing this blog and not me :)

Taking a break and watching a lil telly

And no work was done :) This is Ronnie and he would get all possessive when he sees my laptop. He would sit on it til no end and there really is nothing that I can do.

*tee hee*