Thursday, October 20, 2005

We Are Family

It’s always exciting watching the birth of a new blog. Not that I have witnessed one as of late but whenever I blog-surf, I make it a point to read the very first blog that he/she wrote. That ‘first time’ would always sounded shy and fidgety…

“Ummm, this is my first post and to be honest I really don’t know what to write ha ha…”

TAPI, ha bila dah lama memblogging, amik kau! No more short uncomfortable sentences, but strong, friendly and trusting words started to form…which is a delight really :o) Macam macam ada. Blog sedihlah. Happy bloglah. Funny bloglah…and steady diet of Sewel blogs….like mine hehehehe!

The thing is, with our working hours these days, you don’t even have time for yourself, what more for your friends. No more planned, deliberate lunches with gurl friends. Now, catching ups are done more on ‘stolen’ times. So with blogging, you manage to stay in touch with friends…and not just friends dekat dekat sini jer. Friends all over the world summore. And sometimes, you are much ‘closer’ to people that you met through blogs/blogging….oui? You know what was going on in their lives….who are they seeing, what did they have for dinner, are they happy or sad….things that friends share.

So I’d like to think that the people that I ‘met’ through Frankensteina are my friends. We may not know each others’ real name, but we share our daily lives with each other. We offer our ear (or eyes for that matter) and advice to those who are in need and share joy when someone passes their exam or have a new baby ladida…

And that’s what make me keep coming back here…...thanks peeps ;o)