Monday, October 10, 2005

Bend It Like Frankie

So what does a girl do when it's 1:30 am in the morning and she can't sleep?

She put on "Sade Live" and her Yoga For Abs (advance) vcd and bend like a pretzel. I've done Yoga efore but never an advance Yoga before. So I thought "hey, what can be so different from the normal Yoga that I do? Pffftt! I can do this"...

...and 5 minutes later, I was sweating buckets and huffing and puffing and growling *arrrrrr* and I wonder how on earth did she manage to bring her legs there with her hands on there and her head down there ever so effortlessly while there I was gasping for air just trying to lift my leg up??

But hey...brownie points for me for even trying. And I tell ya! Don't let the slow movement fool you. A simple bengkang bengkok can leave you breathless and sweating like an oink. Oyy!

Today despite it being Monday, seems to breeze through with ease. I have managed to clear most of the minutes and now I'm just taking a breather to write this piece.

And most importantly to K.Ana : I have received your e-mail and last two weeks amidst replying a looooooong reply to you, Kapooosh! my pc went blank. Electricity kaput :o( so I'll try and reply to you soonest ok K.Ana? :o)