Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seeing Double

So here lies the problem. We have 2 fridges, 4 TVs, 2 microwaves, 2 washing machines, 2 sets of couches, 2 dining tables, 2 irons, 2 stoves, 2 sound systems, 2 of this and 2 of that…we pretty much have 2 of everything!

How are we going to accommodate all of our possessions into the parents-in-laws (PIL) house come August after we moved in (temporarily)? I really do not mind selling/give away some of my stuffs. So does Hot Papa. But the thing is that we may have to move out of the house in a couple of years after PIL comes back for good. It would be quite a waste to sell off our things and later, have to buy back when we move into our own abode.

To sell or not to sell?

Help! What are we to do?

And there are a few of my things that I am very reluctant to sell/give away for I have some form of attachment to them i.e. sentimental value. Just the other day I had a bit of a tiff with Hot Papa when he suggested that I sell off my (first) big TV. I know it’s nothing much, it’s just a TV but I bought that TV as a present to myself when I got my (dream) job (gazillion years ago). Hot Papa got a lil annoyed when I ask him to throw away his (smelly) big pillow citing that the pillow is very comfy. I think that he just didn’t want to part with his ‘bantal busuk’. Haha!

So there you go. We are now making a list of things that we have and we are meeting up this weekend to discuss the fate of my big TV and his smelly pillow.

Wish me luck gals!

….and here is Ronnie’s best impersonation of Yoda. :D