Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Changing the bed sheet proved to be very challenging when you have cats like Ronnie and Odie. My attempt to change my bed sheet last night was stalled indefinitely when they decided to treat the bed as a war zone. They jumped and twisted and kicked and slam dunked on the bed the moment I tried laying the sheet. And when I did manage to tuck the sheet underneath the mattress, they would pull the sheet out and made a big round circle of sheet before they nonchalantly stepped inside the ring and pretending to be sleeping.

So, I 'jentik' Odie's ears. She growled and hissed and was ready to pounce on me. Arrrrr!

And, I smacked Ronnie a lil bit (just a lil bit) so he would get up and let me finish tucking in the sheet….and this is what happened….

He ignored me completely when I called him to bed and he even refused a treat! Wah very hard to ‘pujuk’ this boy I tell ya. So after much coaxing and ‘pujuking’, he jumped on the bed, pulled the sheet out and pout.

Heheheheh! I can't live without my chikadees :)