Friday, February 02, 2007

Un Deux Trois

I blame it on the fact that yesterday was a holiday and it’s almost a cardinal sin to make people go back to work the next day, especially when the next day being Friday. My brain has decided to shut down totally today and although I have piles of work to do, I can’t seem to get into gear 1 and start. Which means, I’ll be spending my weekends (barfing) generating Minutes (or not he he)

When one is chubby like me, people assume that you are in dire need of diet tips/diet pills/ jamu/julap for they assume that I must be miserable being fat and chubby, hence gives them the right to pinch my cheeks, jiggle my wobbly arms and slap my wiggly ass while imparting useless useful diet tips, as well as success “akak-dulu-cuma-makan-angin-ngan-minum-air-kosong-turun-40kg” stories. Tu belum cerita gedel (“gurdle”) yang kalau pakai badan terus macam J.Lo.

Yes I am grossly out of shape and can never fit into size 4, but I really am happy the way I am…really. Perhaps it’s a hard concept to grasp, but it’s possible to feel happy even if you’re not thin enough/rich enough/pretty enough. This misconception that you must be all that to feel happy is just full of bollocks.

I have friends who whine, moan and whimper for the ‘lack of things’ but never truly say thanks for things that they have. Me, I am just happy to have my health, my work and people that I love around me.

Aaaaand I'm rambling again. Must put a stop to this hahahah!