Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Something Old Something New

Hot Papa and I have decided that our wedding will be a very small and private affair, to be attended only by families and loved ones. Reason being is that we don’t see the need to spend so much on a big, elaborated wedding only to be attended by people whom we hardly know or care about. A friend strongly opposed to this idea, citing that we only get married once in our life time, so must have big humongous bash to celebrate the day with everyone. But Hot Papa and I would rather be spending the money in getting a house or a new car I desperately need.

I have yet to plan anything at all and the fact that I’m so effin’ relax about the whole thing is driving my mom crazy heheh.

“Must book caterer now!”

“Must book tok kadi now!”

“Must book place now!”

“Must book everything now!”

I was told that all the good caterers are no longer available the time of my wedding *gulp!* and I may need to beg the tok kadi to come to my house to perform the ceremony(?)

And all those forms to fill?? And here I was thinking that getting married is easy peasy.