Friday, February 02, 2007

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

A conversation with a female friend last week made me thank god that Hot Papa is not one of’em “Metro-I-go-for-pedicure-manicure-facial-3-times-a-week-sexual Man”

I mean really, do you want your man to have a fairer and much smoother skin than yours?

Heck no not me!

I want my man to be...well butt-scratching, I-wash-my-face-while-I-shampoo-my-hair, stubble-face, burping, remote-control controlling man.

I just can’t stand brand conscious, tie-shoes-manbag(?)-hankerchief-colour-coded, Evian-drinking, perfume-spraying, beyotching man. I understand the need to groom oneself to look presentable but when you rush back home to change your shirt because it didn’t match your cuff links is just too way much, yes? I mean, really who gives an effin’ care, really.

Please bring the real man back!