Monday, March 10, 2008

You Can Go Fly Kite

This is a ranting and venting post.
Was just reading some of my friend's blog and it made me think of my ex-best friend. Lets call her akI.
akI and I were inseparable, people thought we were twins! We've gone through think and thin you name it we've done it...
But I guess along the way people change. I changed definitely and I guess she changed too. It's funny how someone changed when they have a boyfriend. Her then bf and I didn't get along at all and contrary to popular belief, a lot of things happened that no one knew except me and akI that made me decided that akI was just not worth my time. I know a lot of our friends thought I was the cruel beyatch who just stopped talking to akI. Truth is, I just couldn't be bothered to tell them the truth because honest to God, I just don't give a damn. I believe they didn't give a damn too.
What's worse is that I have this tendency to shut someone out of my life when they hurt me. I find it easier to deal with when they no longer in my life, and so far, my method works tremendously well.
After a long 4 years, I'm glad that I didn't care. I'm glad that we parted ways and I'm glad that she is now out of my life. Sounds terrible isn't it? Trust me, if you only knew what really happened, it's not as cruel as it seems.
The thing was that i dreamt about akI for about 2 weeks in a row that she was in some sort of danger. She was all forlorn and sad and crying.
I'm not too sure what my dreams mean. And I have no plan to find out.
I've come to a point in my life where I do not need validation from friends that I just couldn't care less. As I get older I just want to surround myself with people/friends who I care and who cares about me.
And to you my can go fly kite.
And can you please tell your husband to shove it in his 'where-the-sun-don't shine' and zip it. Enough with the fake american accent. You came back to Malaysia many many moons ago, get over yourself.
*sighs* Thank you for letting me rant and vent.