Monday, March 10, 2008

Belle Bella Belly

Now that I am approaching 16 weeks, I can't wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have been buying maternity clothes but maternity clothes can cost a bomb! A simple blouse at ModernMum could fetch to almost RM200++ and that's a load of money for me.

So a friend told me about this Bella Band.

So what exactly is a Bella Band?

The Bella Band is a seamless knit band you wear at your waistline, over your unbuttoned pre-pregnancy pants, over slightly big maternity pants, or around the waistband of any maternity style that falls down around your hips. The Bella Band holds your pants up, disguising bulky unfastened closures or excessive fabric creating a smooth belly surface. Now, no one has to know your pants are undone or loose.

If you’re in your first or early second trimester, you’ll love being able to wear you favorite pre-pregnant clothes longer. Just put them on without buttoning the top and let the Bella Band conceal everything – no one will ever know a thing!

Wear the Bella Band concealed, or let it peek out from under your top for that hip, layered look. If your top rises, it looks like a t-shirt or camisole -- not a funky mechanism to expand your waistband or hold up your pants. Wear your non-pregnant girl pants a little longer and those cute maternity fashions a little sooner.

Have more clothes to choose from during your pregnancy and after you give birth, enjoy getting dressed every day, and feel confident with how you look. You're pregnant! Have fun! Now go out and play.

Makes an absolute perfect gift to the pregnant gal who’s always complaining about the fit of her maternity clothes. Ha – that’s EVERY pregnant gal! She’ll be thrilled to know she doesn’t have to suffer wearing too-baggy maternity clothes or too-tight pre-pregnancy clothes anymore! The Bella Band makes everything fit just right!

Since I am at a stage where maternity clothes can be too big for me and normal clothes are just out of the question, I decided that perhaps I should get this miracle band for myself. However, after calculating the cost and shipping cost and that cost and this cost, it came to about a couple of hundred ringgit. So I though, what can I do?

I rummaged through my wardrobe and found my old tube tops which I can use as a belly band! And it's free :) Now I can still use my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants. All I have to do is just pull up the tube top over my belly and voila! And it feels very very comfortable and snuggly.

By the way, I still have no luck with the fetal monitor :( Seems like it's not widely used (or not used at all) here. And they even looked at me funny when I told them that I'm looking for a fetal monitor (??) Even had a slight argument with the lady at the MC store when I told her that a fetal monitor and a baby monitor are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

*sighs* It can be quite frustrating...

Anyway, meeting at 10:00 is postponed to tomorrow.

I just wish they cancel the meeting ;)