Monday, January 22, 2007

The Not-so-old, Not-so-new

I’d like to think that it’s not too late to list down resolutions for the year 2007, but the thing is that my last year’s resolution was the year’s before and the year’s before was the year’s before before and so on…see the pattern?

So how now brown cow?

I have decided that 2007 would be a resolution-free year for me. No pressure to become 20lbs thinner, or be promoted to M/SM/GM/CEO by year end, or get meself an SLK (which I’d probably never ever will get to buy ever in this life time anyway).

Pah! Off with the resolutions!

But what I’ll do is set weekly targets that I’d like to see myself achieve. Like…

Week 1: Brush teeth before sleeping (yes I forget like that)
Week 2: Match pyjama top with pyjama bottom
Week 3: Do (or at least try) not to give the ‘finger’ to obtuse drivers
Week 4: Haul my jiggly ass up the stairs and not take the elevator

Simple as that…oui?

I have not updated my blog for quite a while and I don’t have any excuse for that besides I was just plain lazy. I was more content to just read blogs than write one. Plus, I have become so rusty that my sentences sound ridiculous and stupid J. Consequently the hibernate mode.

I need to get my modjo back