Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tua tua kelapa, lagi tua lagi berlemak

Today I decided to have lunch at the canteen instead of my usual place, that is in of my PC.

So there I was sharing a table with some kakaks kakaks from the HR department and walked by 3 'mat salehs' in army-pilot like uniform. They were blonde, blue eyes and tall.

So us the young(er) ones stole a quick glance and continue with our lunch (and yours truly were muching away on 'bayams')

.....when suddenly

"Allah comei nya omputeh ni. Tinggi sunggoh na. Mata biru cayak (cair to you)"

"Fuh handsome macam Mawi(??) *I lost my appetite right to this point*"

"Berkenan aku tengok. Segak pakai uniform. Badan tegapnya. Mesti berketul ketul kat dalam. Eeeiii geram aku tengok"

..and those coming from 40ish-50ish-not-so-youngish kakaks kakaks from my office.

And one of them dengan tiada "kemaluan dan kesiluan" snap some pics of the mat salehs with their mobile phone.

...tak sangka you