Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It may be just me....or may not. But I find that Malays(ians) like to stare(?) Well I don't mean that in a bad way or something, please don't get me wrong...

I can be all just 'perasaan' for all I know, but I always get stared at. Or at least observed. Like yesterday I went to Hot Papa's place after work to pick him up. We were on our way to Miharja (Miharja seemed like the other side of the world when you're driving through Federal Highway during peak hour) to pick something up.

The moment I arrived at Hot Papa's place, got out of the car, I can literally hear the creaking sound of windows being opened and I can see pair of eyes peeking through the curtains.

I think, "they must be looking to see who might dropped by their house or something" which in that case, would take just a couple of seconds.

But this went for a while...a long while actually. It took Hot Papa some time to get his stuff and all, and feed the cat and lock the door. I can say good 20 minutes and all through that 20 minutes, 'they' were there just staring. Some were bold enough to stand at their door and just stare.

I mean I don't know...I'm not saying staring is wrong or otherwise. But it does seem a lil rude to me when someone decides to gawk at you for no reason.

But then again, as I said earlier I can be all 'perasaan'.....