Thursday, September 08, 2005



I know, I should be working...I have 3 minutes that I needed to be drafted. Another meeting is coming up after lunch *sighs* Sometimes I wonder whylah I subject myself to such torture of writing down minutes. I have an attention shorter than the life span of a flea. 10 seconds into a new agenda and I'm gone... *poofs*

...but that was before I realised that one of the director who came back from the loo had his fly one. He was wearing red spender.... *hee hee*

Had an almost sleepless night. Have you ever had one of those moment where your body is utterly exhausted but your brain just refuse to shut down? I had an episode last night. Terkebil kebil dalam gelap. I was in and out of sleep most of the night. Now I'm so darn sleepy.....*yawns*

And I think I better get back to work.....once I can stop dreaming that is. I mean you know how sometimes you just stare intos space without blinking as though you're hypnotised. You feel so relax but fear that your colleague will find you creepy or some sort, so you're forcing yourself to 'wake up' but you just can't? just keep on staring and staring?

...yeah something like that.