Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I'm feeling a lil homicidal today....Ok, I'm feeling extremely homicidal today. I know that I'm new here and there a lot that I need to learn but having said that, it's no bloody excuse to dump EVERYTHING on me. The last 3 days have seen me attending 4 meetings, numerous CRs, letters and faxes and memos.


Just what office boy would say "Terkangkang nak buat"

Well terkangkang or not, I am very much huffing and puffing. And I need assistance. I mean I have an assistant but you know when you're in a new company, no matter what your rank is you'll still considered as a rookie. When I ask them do something, they'd go..

"Yang dulu tak pernah pun suruh kitaorang buat"

Ok, I'm not yang 'Dulu', I'm yang 'Sekarang'. So chop chop! Gigit telinga kasik putus baru tau.

Lunch time ended almost 20 minutes ago. Batang idung sorang pun tak nampak lagi *sighs* I guess I'm in Government/GLC back again.

Gotta go, I have a few telingas to geget *arrrr*