Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A League of Their Own

I am dead tired...I yawned too much my jaw hurts. There are luggage under my eyes and I look like a drunken panda.

Oh, anyone interested in operating a fictious account in Myspace (not mine, I ask on behalf) just for fun?

I'm thinking of going for a dinner buffet somewhere with Hot Papa and my best friend Vogue Mama and hubdub Macha Man. Any suggestion? Somewhere where the ffod is nice and we won't be overcharged for a cekeding chicken maybe. Something authentic....nice ambience and MOST importantly, delish dessert ;) Yes I plan to attack the dessert table first.

Vogue Mama, Macha Man, Hot Papa and I promise not to be like one of those couples/married people who seem to have no time at all for friends anymore (eventhough we really do honestly don't) Plans to watch movie, eat out, play bowling and go Bali were made hastily last weekend when we all 4 met for dindin at Mahbub. I'm not too sure we all would be able to keep half the promise but I guess at least we are trying.

And there were endless (annoying) teasing "Oi bila nak kawin?"

Oi sabarla people....sat sat boleh ka?

Sometimes I wonder does our life need to be validated by people around us in order for us not to feel left out? Yes I may not be in the married league, but I'm sure there's not much difference between coupledom/marriagedom that people who are single or couple need to feel any less then the married ones? Bridget Jones I, you know what I mean...

Am I making sense?...

Am I making sense? ...