Thursday, September 15, 2005


Tomorrow I will be left alone to hold the fort. The Big Boss will be attending an event in Pan-Pac. And the rest of the 'anak anak hamster' will be ferried off to the place where the company will be having its family day on saturday. They'll be going there for a briefing and training or some sort.

So I'll be all alone....with one meeting to attend. 2 Minuets to do, 1 to finalise, 2 CRs to finalise and shipped to a subsidiary. A few letters to draft and a checklist to come up with.

And in all honesty I am actually looking forward to this :) Not that I don't like them to be around, I do. But once in a while I would just like to be by myself thank you very much.

Plus, I can have U2 blaring all day long with no care in this world.

I like my cubicle. It's bigger than the ones that I had back in old company. I like the chair. It's comfy and big. And I have 2 big windows on my right side, which I have the shutters closed all the time so that I can have both my legs curled up on my chair.

The only problem that I see is that the aircond is not working. It's pretty cool and breezy here but I find myself functioning better in a freezing cold room.....that or the fact that I can use my funky scarf around my chubby neck *tee hee dari jauh nampak macam penguin sebab tak nampak leher*

The word is that in 2 years we will be moving to a new office in Sepang. Which made me decide to put a halt to my plan to buy a house. We shall see what the future brings....

Was asking Hot Papa whether him and I are where we are suppose to be in the stage of our life. He said things may not be happening rapidly but it's definitely happening. I am in a much better place from where I was one year ago. Hot Papa graduated. I move apartment. Him and I are getting much closer to each other emotionally.

But then again there are things that balanced out the good things, which is sadly the bad ones. But I shall remember only the good ones.

Ramadhan is coming very soon. 15th October will mark one year 'anniversary' for me and Hot Papa :) And I'm looking forward to Ramadhan because it's a month for ibadah and self-appraise.

And year end is approaching faster than you think. The next thing you know it's January and a whole new time flies.