Monday, September 19, 2005

Swiing the crimson tide.

I have 3 Minutes that need to be drafted like right now and a meeting in KLIA first thing tomorrow morning and compiling BOD papers tomorrow afternoon and letters to draft and sent later tomorrow afternoon and CRs to vet through and this and that and 10,000 other things to do.


And last weekend I have been an Ugly Monster to Hot Papa. A real biatch I would say. I'm ovulating so I blame it all on PMS.....really. Even Hot Papa being the cool-headed one lost a bit of his temper. I don't blame him *tee hee* Most men think PMS is just a sad excuse for us women to run amok and be nasty. That's not true. You men have no idea what we women go through during that time of the month. We have no control of our brain, heart, mouth and the likes. We say (mean) things that we don't mean. Hormones going haywire. The cramp, the hot flush, the back aches, swelling breasts, the thirst...its not easy you know.


I better get going. Work to do...and more work to do.