Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shop, Eat, Work

I have to do some shopping. I have ran out of working clothes to wear seriously. I decided for the time being (for the fatty time being that is) that I shall forgo my pencil skirts and cute blouses because for just one reason and one reason only. I can't fit into them anymore! I have grown chubbier (fatter) the last 1 year. Several attemps into squeezing into those dark skirts have resulted in me looking like a nangka in a sarung. And the horror didn't stop there.

I weigh more than Hot Papa :( a whole lot more that is. He constantly reassure me that he loves me no matter (ye ke?) but surely he will be more than glad if I loose the extra 10 kgs right?

The thing is, I didn't realise that I have gained so much. What happened??

Hot Papa's mumster and dadster are coming back in January next year. I must MUST look nice.

I wish the gym is much nearer and my work don't start at 8 bloody am. When I was working in Jalan Sultan Ismail, it was always gym in the morning and after because the gym was just a sekangkang monkey. Now, looking at how horrible it is to get into Subang after 5:30 pm (the gym is there) by the time I reach the gym in Subang, gym pun dah nak tutup :(

And I refuse to resort to any diet drugs or rumput rampai whatsoever.

Ahhhhhh I better get back to work. Big Boss not here, 'anak anak hamster' berkeliaran. Must catch them.