Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sound trouble

I sound trouble...

HotPapa : B, I nak buat laundry.
Me : Belum, later later I mandi.
HotPapa : ??

Hot Papa also sound trouble...

Me : Have you seen my blue shoes?
HotPapa : News? Belum start lagi...

And sometimes this happened....

HotPapa : I love you B
Me : Mee? I thought you want to eat nasik goreng?
HotPapa : No, I said I love you (suara kuat sikit)
Me : Stew? Mana nak cari stew malam malam ni
HotPapa : Ya, I cakap I LOVE YOU!
Me : ?? Jangan la scream scream like that
HotPapa : Dah you sound trouble
Me : Okaaaayyyy I LOVE YOU TOO!

So, sometimes it's quite funny how my sister thinks that HotPapa and I are arguing when the fact is we are just talking to each other...heheheh