Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sexay Whale (heheheheheh)

C'est moi at 30 weeks.
I feel like a whale! Sexay whale nonetheless ;)
I am at my most peaceful state ever in my life. I'm more calm (honest)'s kinda strange really. Most of my pregnant friends just couldn't wait to give birth and whatever, but I like being pregnant.
I LOVE being pregnant.
Sure I waddle and I pee every 5 minutes and I'm sweaty all the time and I take at least 10 minutes to get out bed.
But being pregnant makes me feel....whole
And the fact that I can love this unborn baby of mine so very much...and i know that I'll do anything for him...
It's scary and wonderful at the same time
Mommy loves you Peanut :)
See you in 10 weeks