Thursday, June 05, 2008

Peeking Peanut

My name : Peanut (for the moment...I hope!)

Gestational Age : 28 weeks (but hey, I was told that I look much younger than my age ;))

Weight : 1.262kg

Length : 14.4 inches

Favourite position : On the very left of Mommy's tummy. It's darn cozy and comfy here. Never mind that Mommy is uncomfy all the time whenever I snuggle up tightly.

Favourite moves : Tripple sommersaults, nose dive, crouching tiger fist punches, hidden dragon right left then right kicks before double whammy and a header. Never mind that Mommy groans with excrutiating pain whenever I do that to her tummy.

Favourite food : I don't exactly have a choice here. I eat whatever Mommy eats *sighs* But I
do enjoy wan tan mee and green apple a lot. And I LOVE spicy food.

Favourite time of the day : Very early in the morning when Mommy likes to hear my heartbeat with the fetal monitor and just before Mommy and Daddy goes to bed. That is when we like to discuss how our days went.

Favourite i-Tunes : Duffy's Mercy. This song gets me wiggling my bum and my toes.

Favourite sound : Of course, Mommy's voice and Daddy's whenever he tells me stories of this
thing call 'Manchester United'. I have been told by Daddy that I am forbidden to support any other team than MU. Mommy secretly told me that it's OK to like Liverpool ;)

Favourite activities : Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, kick kick kick, sleep, eat, kick kick kick, eat, sleep

Favourite pet : I am a cat lover. Sometimes Mommy lets the cat sit on her tummy. Daddy
doesn't know about this so...shhhh

Favourite place : Anywhere there's food :)

Worst sound : Sound of Mommy's male boss yakking away in the office and PRETENDING to do his work when he's actually chatting on YM or surfing the net for handbags and
make ups. Yes it's you, you nincampoop! I don't give a r@ts a$$ if
you're reading this. Get off your lazy tush and do the job that you're
paid for to do, for once.

Most hated person : Read the above si vouz plez, merci beaucoup.

Weeks to go before I'm born : 12 weeks. I can't wait to wail and poop all around the clock! :)

Wish me luck people.