Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultrascan At 14 Weeks...just a lil update

Hi there! For some reason my mom and dad call me Peanut, however I believe they have some better names for me later when I'm born (and I truly hope so!)
Here I am at 14 weeks. My mom just couldn't wait to see me at 16 weeks so what she did was she went for a sacn without daddy knowing about it (hehehehehehe)
Anyway I am not very handsome/pretty here. My left side is never my best side. I've been telling mommy about it but mommy likes to see my face instead of my bum ;)

I have been drinking alot of chocolate milk cause normal milk makes my mommy puke. Also I eat a lot of cheese and Tropicana ice cream. Between you and me, I like the ice cream better so I make my mommy wants to eat Tropicana ice cream every day *shhh don't tell my mom*

So far I'm growing very very fast. I've been kicking mommy to let her know that I'm inside here but I guess she won't be able to feel me yet.

And daddy likes to make mommy laugh so when she laughs I get all giddy because mommy laugh so hard that I feel like there's earthquake inside here.

I'm happily swimming in my warm amniotic fluid though it can get pretty lonely in here all alone so sometimes I like to play with my placenta.

And I just heard mommy telling daddy that she's waiting for daddy to come and pick her up. Which means that I'll be getting my Tropicana ice cream soon ;)

Bye bye everyone. I have a big day tomorrow.