Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Belly Shot At 16 Weeks Pregnant

Please, kindly ignore my ever expanding body and boobies. I have a feeling that I'm gonna be real huge :)
And my nose seems to be expanding too!
We are going for our monthly check up tomorrow at Az-Zahrah in Bangi. We have yet to look for other places so at the moment we're sticking with Az-Zahrah.
Have yet to feel real movement or anything but I'm experiencing that 'fluttering' feeling every now and then. I've been told that's Peanut! :) But I'd like to get a real kick from the little fella before I got all excited.
Aside from all other text-book symptoms, one that I'm very not happy about is that I haven't been able to sleep at night as I keep waking up. Like early this morning, I woke up at 2 a.m. only to be able to go back to sleep at 4:45 a.m. This makes me really sleepy and tired in the office.
Any tips mommies out there?
Woke up this morning and had the urge to beautify myself (haven't really been paying attention to how I look like ever since I got preggie) so this morning in desperate attempt to look 'hot' and 'vogue', I put on some blusher and lipstick but I guess I must've put on a little bit too much that I thought I was looking at a clown when I saw myself in the mirror at the office today :D
Some of you must be wondering why did I restricted my blog yesterday. Well my initial plan was to make Frankensteina a private blog as I'd like to put up pictures for my family and friends to see (I'm reluctant to put up my pics if my blog is not restricted as there are a lot of sick people out there. God kows what they'll do to your pics!). But then again I've received smses and emails from blogger friends that requested that I unrestrict my blog. So Frankensteina will be a public blog and I'll put up another blog as my private blog. I'll keep you posted.
Ok have to get back to writing minutes (yuck yuck yuck)