Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Place Where Posties Make Money

When I first started blogging, it never crossed my mind that you can make (serious) money just by blogging. “It’s too good to be true”, I said to myself. I mean, getting paid for doing something you love? That is just awesome!

I read about PayPerPost some time back but I never really gave it a serious thought until Diyana mentioned it to me about a couple of months back. We have been grumbling about our low pay and the long hours in the office. So, when Diyana told me that you can make money by blogging, I was really intrigued.

So I decided to read more about PayPerPost. I read about its policy, what blog network is and how PayPerPost gives you the freedom to write just about anything, as long as you are honest to your readers. If you do not own the product that you are supposed to review or you genuinely do not believe in the product, just pass on the opportunity. Write about something that you care about and believe in.

How PayPerPost works is by helping bloggers (like you and me) get paid by creating and publishing contents that are sponsored by advertisers. The bloggers, or what PayPerPost call the ‘Posties’, will create the buzz that the advertisers need get paid for it. The higher the traffic amounts of your blog, the higher the pay.

So now that my blog has been approved by PayPerPost, I cannot wait to start writing and earning. I have been eyeing on the new Nokia95 for a while now ;)