Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Penang Here I Come

I'm going to Penang!

I'm going to Penang!

Hello yummilicious food! Here I come!

Tra la la la la la!


Have a wedding to attend to this coming weekend so the whole family is going. Going to Penang is like 'balik kampung' (going back to hometown) to me. I was born in Georgetown and lived in Seberang Jaya until I was about 13 before I was shipped off to a boarding school.

The last time I went back to Penang was probabyly about 5 years ago.

Oh how I miss Penang. I have a lot of fond memories there. I remember when I was younger my parents would take me and my sister to 'Padang Kota' for a night picnic.

The food oh my how can I forget the food. Nasi kandar, rojak, char kuey teow, cendol, teh tarik, nasik lemak, roti canai....

Can't wait til Saturday :)