Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Was Beaten By An Aunty Who Drove An Old Old Honda Civic

Now anyone knows where I can get a Smart Tag?

I have been trying to purchase Smart Tag way before raya but to no avail. I have been told that there's no stock for it. Someone tole me that I need to go to KL Sentral to get one.


I'm in dire need of one since I use the highway everyday and it's a hassle to use Touch & Go, especially when the automatic window on the driver's side is not working (I've been told that this is a common problem for Satria(?))

*Dem Proton*

So where can I get me a Smart Tag?

Which remind me, yesterday while I was driving on the Kesas Highway, I honked at an old old Honda Civic for driving too slow on the fast lane. And when we get to the toll house, I had to queue at the Touch & Go lane but the Honda Civic just zoomed off through the Smart Tag lane.

I swear the aunty who was driving the Honda Civic laughed at me.

So you see, I need my Smart Tag.