Friday, November 09, 2007

Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle

My parents-in-law, who are currently residing in London, just came back from their vacation in Scotland. My parents-in-law love to travel and they will travel at least twice a year to places they have never been before. They were in Scotland for two weeks to attend a wedding and they took the opportunity to visit Edinburgh. Since this is their first time in Edinburgh, they gathered information from the internet on the best Edinburgh Accommodation around as to maximize their stay there.

Beautiful, dramatic Edinburgh is the showcase capital of Scotland. With its stunning Georgian and Victorian architecture, and winding medieval streets, it’s easy to see why Edinburgh has been listed as a World Heritage Site. Edinburgh is also the home of scotch whiskey. The city's Scotch Whisky Experience is dedicated to the 300-year history of Scotch whisky and features sound effects and aromas! For the real thing visit Scotland's Southern most whisky distillery, Glenkinchie, thirty minutes drive from Edinburgh.

With a captivating setting, the Edinburgh Castle dominates the urban skyline, perched atop the crags of an ancient volcano right in the centre of the city. Yet Edinburgh is not stuck in the past. And neither is it all about bagpipes, shortbread, whisky and tartan.

The capital is bustling with festivals, arts, culture, sports and attractions and is famous for playing host to the world’s biggest New Years Eve festival, known as Edinburgh’s Hogmanay.

And since my father-in-law is an avid golfer, he took the opportunity to play golf at the St Andrew, the world famous golf course.

Before returning home to London, my parents in law decided to take a trip to Manchester. Located in northwest England, Manchester is often referred to as England's "second city" (after London). My mother in law loves visiting museums and she has always wanted to go to the Imperial War Museum North as well as the Museum of Science and Technology.

The first day in Manchester, they visited the Manchester Art Gallery. Manchester Art Gallery is part of Manchester City Galleries, a department of Manchester City Council. They care for the city’s internationally renowned and designated collections of fine art, decorative art and costume. The Manchester Art Gallery also runs an ambitious programme of temporary exhibitions and displays, public events and education programmes.

They also took the chance to visit Manchester cathedral as well as the The People’s History Museum. The People's History Museum explores the world changing events led by the working people of Britain. It is the national centre for the collection, conservation, interpretation and study of material relating to the history of working people in Britain.

My father-in-law loves Manchester so much that he decided to return to Manchester in May 2008 to participate in the Great Manchester Run. He already started to look for the best Manchester Accommodation for his visit in May as most hotels will be booked for the event.

The last place that they visited was Newcastle. Like most other cities in England, Newcastle upon Tyne is overwhelmingly caucasian and non-practising Christian (91.9% of population). However, there are significant Pakistani, Indian, Muslim, Jewish and Chinese minorities in the city. Newcastle is also dubbed as the Barcelona of the North.

There are numbers of Newcastle Hotels available around the city so it was not a problem for them to get accommodation. First, they visited the Laing Art Gallery. The Laing Art Gallery has something for everyone to enjoy. A dynamic exhibition programme brings an exciting variety of art to your doorstep, while fun learning events encourage even the youngest of children to get involved.

They then went to the Hancock Museum and the Seven Stories. Seven Stories is where rich heritage of British children's books is collected, explored and celebrated. Seven Stories is the only exhibition space in the UK dedicated to the celebration of British children's literature.

Last but not least, they visited The Sage Gateshead. The Sage Gateshead is an international home for music and musical discovery, bringing about a widespread and long-term enrichment of the musical life of the North of England. Our inclusive approach enables all our performance, learning and participation programmes to be constantly inspired and supported by each other.

They had a fantastic time visiting Edinburgh, Manchester and Newcastle.

They plan to visit Germany next.