Thursday, November 01, 2007

Car Seat Saved A 3-Year Old Girl in Plane Crash

A three-year-old survived a plane crash which killed her pilot grandfather and another passenger because she was strapped into a child's car seat. Rescuers found freezing Kate Williams hanging upside in the twisted wreckage of the snow-filled plane in the Canadian mountains. They sifted through debris and snow before finally unstrapping her from the child's car seat, where she had been trapped in terror for five hours.

Rescuer Mike Plonker said: "What saved her life was being strapped into that car seat. "You could see that she was very scared. You could see that she was very scared. "Her big concern at the time was her little teddy bear. She didn't want to leave without it. "She was just pointing at it and calling it 'Baby.'"

Kate, who suffered head injuries, was reunited with her parents at a local hospital where she was in stable condition. One rescuer said: "I got her out and I handed her to Bruno. She was calling out for her teddy bear. "I picked up the teddy bear to give it to her but it was covered in snow. "She wasn't too happy that it was covered in snow so I brushed it off. "Everyone is happy that the child survived this."

She is one very lucky girl.

I remember my grandmother telling me that babies and children are protected by angels....