Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Working With Really Really Bad Internet Connetion Can Give You Hemorrhoids

The internet connection has been really really really really really bad the last couple of days and I can't get me job done at work nor have I been able to blog surfing which is rather frustrating.

So if I haven't been leaving comments on your blog scuzzy moi.

Believe me you I have been chasing the IT guys for the last 3 days but they seems to think that it's funny that I haven't been able to check my e-mails. I really think they should slow down on the mojito. I saw one IT guy doing the ooh la la dirty Britney Spears pole dancing action on an ocean of cables and wires while the other was walking around the office with Diyana's shoes on, pretending to be Diyana.

God knows one Diyana is enough in the office. Erk! Hihihihihi

Things are pretty slow this week. I woke up thinking that today is Friday and when it hit me that today is ONLY Wednesday, I drowned my sorrow with some really sour yogurt drink this morning (hmmm, did I check the expiry date?) and as a result of that, I nearly didn't make it to the loo when I reached the office. And the fact that I couldn't wee wee or doo doo when there's people in the restroom just made it worse. Had to chase the 'kakak cleaner' out for a while.


Can't wait til Friday.