Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Usual Suspect(s)

These are the ladies that I spend most of my time with in the office.

Now I know why I get all screwd up like this hah! hah! hah!

That's Diyana on the right, the Undisputed Ferocious Eating Monster. Trust me, you do not want to cross her path when she's hungry. I once caught her looking at me with that hungry look on her face, She then called me 'Ayam Golek' before she slurpped ferociously.

And that's Nana on the left. She makes mean 'Kek Lapis' and can whistle through her nose and 'gentel' (play) her 'bantal busuk' (errr smelly pillow(?)) whenever she's all tensed up ;) She eats a lot but never gain a pound hence I hate her the most hehehehe!

Rena, the 3/4 anak mat salleh who eats all sorts of ulam-ulam that you can name (even the ones that you can't) Sometimes she would just pick a leave while walking and put in her mouth or stopped by the road side and graze the bushes and the trees with her long tounge.

And please, don't let that sweet innocent face fool you ;)
'Bangi mali tatak sombong punya'
(Comes from Bangi and she's not a stuck-up)

Dean, or Din short for Dina. We call her KL Tower as she towers pretty much all of us. Finds joy in f@rting in the wind and can be seen at times sleeping standing up with a smile on her face. Can go through even the smallest of space as she resembles a plywood.

She'll be going off to Amsterdam come January 2008. We'll miss you loads Din Din!

Love you babes!