Monday, October 01, 2007

S.M.S (Save.My.Soul)

I don’t know what it is but I am utterly stressed out today!

Nothing and I mean nothing seems to be working out right.

I think there is some form of intergalactic conspiracy going on today.

I’m just stressed out.

And the mood swings! Oy! I feel like biting just about anyone who crosses my path.


I was giggling one second and (almost) crying the next. And I feel hungry ALL the time and it’s bulan puasa and I’m stressed out that I couldn’t have my usual shot of coffee this morning and I need back rub and feet rub and I want cheesecake and char kuey teow and I just want to sleep on the couch and never get up.

And I want chocolate loads of chocolate dark, white, brown chocolate I want chocolate!

The aircond in the room was 16 degrees C and I was sweating buckets.

What is the matter with me??


Now where is my stress ball?