Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Smarty Smorty

The latest rave to hit bloggers these days is blog advertising. And what is blog advertising you ask? It’s a system which the advertisers pay the bloggers to advertise their product through their blogs. And if you are a blogger, this is a very good opportunity to get paid for blogging.

Smorty is a website that offers a service that links advertisers to bloggers and create a powerful network in advertising new and upcoming products. Smorty is simple, effective and reliable in bridging advertisers to potential buyers as well as good opportunity for bloggers to blog for money.

I myself am a registered blogger with Smorty and I have to say it is the easiest way to earn income so far. I can blog at the comfort of my own home and it’s not even a job as I enjoy writing. It’s like getting paid to do the thing I love.

So come and join Smorty and get paid for blogging!