Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eye Yai Yai!

You know when you’re driving on the road and you have your contact lenses on and your eyes get real itchy and you’re scratching it and the next thing you know, your contact lenses moved and it’s all blurry!

And that was what happened to me this morning whilst driving down the Elite Highway. I was in a hurry this morning so I didn’t rinse my lenses properly (my bad) and my right eye got real itchy and red and I started scratching it and the next thing I know the whole right side was just this big ball of blurr. I started blinking furiously and I felt that the lense moved under my eyelid and it was just moving around and it freaked me out and I started panicking and screaming in the car and there was a big trailer honking at me and I couldn’t gauge the distance of the cars around me and I screamed summore!

And then the lense decided to pop out of my right eye and onto my lap and it was all big mess in the car with me driving with just one hand and the other searching for the lense and the car going at 140 kph and with all the screaming and trying to change the gear (dem manual car!) I couldn’t find the lense and I drove all the way to work with one hand on my right eye and one hand steering the wheel and I parked my car funny and I almost hit the pillar and I couldn’t find my work tag and now I’m dizzy.

I now have new found respect for the disabled.