Monday, October 08, 2007

Lampu Lip Lap

Since the beginning of puasa, I have been on a quest for Lampu Lip Lap (I have no idea the ‘real’ name of the lampu, I just call it Lampu Lip Lap)…until now. Believe it or not, for the past one month I have been going around town looking for lampu lip lap but to no avail.

“Pegi PKNS banyak!” so Diyana said.

“Tak tak pegi Giant I tengok berkotak kotak lampu lip lap!” Bani claimed.

“Eeei tak best you kena pegi Jalan TAR macam macam jenis ada” so said Nana.
Hokey, so I’m not that brave to brave Jalan TAR on my quest for lampu lip lap but I have been to PKNS and Giant but still couldn’t find any lampu lip lap there.

Raya is not Raya without lampu lip lap!

So people tell me where (else) to find Lampu Lip Lap.