Monday, October 08, 2007

Frankie Bunch

Last Saturday saw the last of my 'barang-barang' (belongings) being hauled from my apartment to Mr Frankie’s house. Good thing I managed to sell/give away most of my brang-barang so there was pretty much nothing left. We also managed to clear up the store room as well as most stuff in boxes which are now neatly placed on shelves in the store room according to height, weight and function. I guess my pain-in-the-@ss organizational skills finally paid off *tee hee* Mr Frankie even called me ‘Monica’ when it comes to cleaning up because I will make sure that it’s not just health inspector clean, it has to be Frankensteina clean.

Anyway, while packing some of my barang-barang to give away, I was overwhelmed with a sudden (and totally unexpected) sadness. In a way, I wasn’t just ‘giving away’ my barang-barang, I was leaving behind my ‘old’ life and embarking on a new one. Not that it’s a bad thing, no. It’s just that I have been living on my own the last 10 years and giving away some of my barang-barang felt like I’m leaving behind some of the ‘old’ me. And I got real emotional when Mr Frankie suggested that perhaps I should trade in my trusty old satria for a newer car.

But I’m looking forward to start a new chapter of my life with Mr. Frankie. At last I feel at home in our new old house after a month and a half of alternate sleeping between my old apartment and the current house. I’m also happy to report that the kids are happy running around in the back lane chasing squirrels and eating lizards *eww I know but I see it as their daily intake of protein*. Ronnie has gotten himself a new gal and I hardly see him these days. Odie too has been going around town making friends. Only Tiger and Baby still ‘dibawah ketiak’ demanding to be hugged and kissed all the time. Puteh? I have no idea where Puteh is but I’m sure he’s alright. He has always been a loner that Puteh of mine.

Here’s to our little Frankie Bunch!