Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Loving Memory : Tiger (09.05.2007 - 12.10.2007)

It is my worst Raya (so far).

My baby Tiger died one day before Raya.

I didn't know what happened but Mr. Frankie and I assumed that it was food poisoning. We never ever gave our cats leftovers or scraps so I guess his little tummy couldn't take whatever food he ate that made him sick.

Tiger came to me one night 2 days before raya. I knew something was amiss when he didn't ask me to pick him up nor did he asked for food. He was just standing there looking very haggard and disoriented. I told Mr Frankie that something was seriously wrong and we should take him to the vet immediately.

It was nearly midnight and the vet was closed so we decided to call the vet himself for a house call. Unfortunately, with the raya and all, he was out of town. So we decided to bring Tiger to the vet tomorrow.

So when I tried to put him down, he reluctantly let go of my shirt. He didn't want me to put him down so I sat there with him for a while before I placed him on his pillow. He tried to follow me into the house but I told him that I'll see him first thing tomorrow morning.

I found him by the door the next morning. He was already gone.

I couldn't explain to you the sadness of losing a cat. Some said you can always go and find a replacement. The fact is, you can't.

I should have let him in the house that night.

I should have tried to take him to the other vet that night.

I should have stayed with him longer that night.

But I didn't...and it's my fault.


And to my baby Tiger, we all miss you terribly.

P/S : Latest news. I found out that quite a number of kittens especially and cats died around my area. Apparently someone is poisoning the cats. If I ever find out who did that I will personally punch that *sshole in the face before I make him/her eat the food that he's/she's giving the cats!