Monday, October 22, 2007

From L.A With Love


Apparently I have a 'fan' in L.A who commented that I am a FATSO and I have an ugly family.


It's ok I'm not all angry or anything, just amused :) Think of all the trouble that she went through to read my entries and pen such comment. Now that's what I call hard work.

Takde benda lain ke nak buat ni cik adik? Ish ish ish bulan-bulan Syawal macam ni nak mengata orang kan tak baik tu? Takpa kita sesama Islam kena bermaaf maaffan. Lagi-lagi kita yang dah tua tua ni.

And ooh thanks for pointing out my mistake I didn't realize it :D thanks to you now I know the difference.

So Selamat Hari Raya cik adik yang berada di L.A tu dan makan ketupat jangan lupakan saya ok? ;)

And thanks for visiting my blog. Please do come again (God knows I need that boost for my traffic hehe)