Thursday, July 05, 2007


Introducing....TIGER, the cheeky lil fur ball

Odie gave birth to 3 lil kittens last May and Tiger is the eldest of the bunch. He is a very naughty boy who thinks that my legs are juicy steaks for him to sink his small yet very sharp teeth into. He also likes to sneak into my kain baju kurung and pretended that its his own bachelor pad and sleeps in it. Oh, he is also a big romeo. I once found him at the edge of the balcony whispering sweet nothings to the neighbours' female cat.

I now have 5 cats in the house. I'm beginning to feel like an outsider instead of the owner of the house.

Pictures of Puteh and Baby are on the way (when and if I have the chance to catch these two hyper active kittens and snap their pics that is)