Monday, March 12, 2007

A little bit of this a little bit of that

One should think that with the absence of La Grande Boss, all should be well and merry. Well, not for me *hmph* With La Grande Boss being away in the City of Love, me and Diyana are left to our own devices. We thought we could use the time to slack off but La Grande Boss being the mighty psychic that he is, had foreseen that we would be taking very long breakfasts and very long lunches and very long laughing sessions in between. Hence, Diyana and I have been running around like a mad woman that Diyana is and a hot woman that I am (hihihihi) getting things done before La Grande Boss is scheduled to come back sometime next week. I have been knee deep in minutes and Diyana have been running amok chasing people to submit reports.


Also the fact that my officemates just found out that I’m darn ticklish when it comes to my neck has been pure torture. They find pleasure in making me laugh til I turn blue in the face.