Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Royal pain in the buns


It's only lunch time and I'm utterly exhausted *phewww* With the last quater of the year coming in, there are tonnes of work to be done. Back-to-back meetings and resolutions/agreements that needed to be drawn up. Waktu nilah semuanya kelam kabut nak buat. Typical GLC company. Dah nak berak baru korek lubang.

But the royal pain in the ass would be having to deal with the people who have been working (and only work) with Government for a very long long time. They think that they own the company thus all should obey and no question ask. Its easier to deal with the MD or the directors then dealing with these kakaks kakaks PA ni.

I don't have the time to make small talks nor cium bontots ie "Eh lawa akak hari ni/cantiknya baju akak/ eii akak nampak muda pakai lipstick tu". When I need to see a director or get his/her signature, I mean business. And in my line of work, timeframe is crucial or the company is expose to penalties and whatnots.

Kadang kadang, soalan tu mengalahkan bini. Tanya tu tanya ni. Its P&C, and by saying that I am not in the position to discuss with you what's the nature of my discussion. Sibuk tak kena tempat la kak.

And please don't take heart if I don't want to buy kain-kain baju kurung that you brought to the office eventhough I can pay in 12 installments.


Frustrating when your work depends on the (in)competency of other people.

I need to catch some shut-eye. Dah juling ni.