Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kiss and Tell

After Hot Papa drop me off by the stairs in front of my office this morning (and after a series of waving-like-crazy episode by me when Hot Papa drove away. Muahahahah yes I mmg tak malu like that. I don't care what ppl think. I just want to wave my Hot Papa bubbye) I saw an old man dropping off his wife next to where I was standing on the stairs, and before he took off, she kissed his hand and he in return kissed her on both her cheeks before kissing her forehead and then her hand....

I want to be like that when I grow old....I find Malay(sian) men don't kiss their wife enough. I mean, there really is nothing wrong with kissing your wife (be it on the mouth or cheeks)...and no, it's not less macho if you do so. In fact, I find the act of showing your affection to your wife/loved ones is very gentlemanly.

Malu ke nak kiss your own wife? Itu pun nak malu ke, tapi bila nak cheat on your wife, tak malu pulak...lebih dari kissing lagi nak buat. What's up with that my brudder?

Most of the time, we are much nicer to people who we don't care about, whilst being nasty to the ones that we do...perasan tak?

Men tend to confuse love with sex. They think only when they are pounding like Jack Rabbit crazy then it's love.

Wrong. How so very wrong...

Sometimes, the smallest of thing means the most. That lil kiss on the nose or a hug when least expected or a squeeze of the hand.....the things that would make a woman's heart flutter (diamonds have the same effect, but that would be another post ;o))

So go ahead, kiss your wife/fiance/gf.....hug her and tell her that she's beautiful. That she means the whorld to you and you love her....believe me, she'll appreaciate it.