Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Beauty of the Beast

Do you get intimidated by 'good looking' people? I mean, do you feel small and ugly and worthless in the presence of someone beautiful/handsome? Do you feel impaired standing next to them/talking to them? Or do you feel...stupid and insignificant?

I do...or at least I did. But not anymore....

I know that 'good looking' people have the upper hand in certain things (am I right?) How their good looks do get them to a certain desirable they 'effortlessly' get the promotion/the man/the woman/the car/the house/the everything with much ease as compared to the ugly/average looking people like us?....

The 'good looking one' may say "eeehhh where got lah? We all work hard also what?" Yes, I don't deny the fact that you do work hard BUT your 1 hard work probably = our 3 hard works to get the same thing(?) No I'm not being cynical here, I'm just stating the obvious. But there's nothing wrong in using Gods give to get what you want/be where you want...right?

Just that, if I'm given a choice, to either be beautiful or charming or intelligent (not book-wise, but common sense-wise), I'd rather be the latter one(s). Charm has got nothing to do with how you look. Charm is having the flair to 'excite' (not the explicit way mind you) people. Charm unlike beauty is 'unattainable'. You can try your darnest to be 'charming' but if you dont have it, you just don't have it.

Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is genius. Sad to see that most people these days don't use their common sense enough.

Why this post? I don't know....I just think that 'good looking' people are just over-rated these days. And being hired because you are one is just plain sad.