Monday, September 05, 2005

If you can't beat'em, meme'em

Hmmm....Got meme'ed by The Slow One...This got me wonder of the things in the past and what's in store for me in the future..

20 years ago 1985 (I was 8)
1. Was the ‘Ketua Darjah’ 2 Kenanga. I don’t remember much. But what I remember was that during this time, we girls were much bigger than the boys so we pretty much ruled the class *tee hee*
2. Got kidnapped (yes I did)
3. I was the big bully in the house (he he) Remember asking my sister to hide in the closet and to not come out till I said so. Mumster thought adik went missing. Got spanked real hard after that.

10 years ago 1995 (I was 18)
1. Fresh out of boarding school.
2. Offered to do Aeronautical Engineering. Had to turn it down. Too expensive, no money to pay first for the 1st year.
3. Got offered to do Mechanical Engineering. Again no money. (1997 onwards the economic downturn, money was tight. Had to pay for the 1st year before being reimbursed by sponsor later)
4. Got offered to do engineering again. Couldn’t go. Cried my eyeballs out. Devastated.
5. Wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do with my life (didn’t we all?) Decided to take up a course least favored by the Malay student (wanted to prove that I can do it)
6. Realised No. 4 was a big mistake.
7. Realised that I was too late to back off from No. 4 and carried on.

5 years ago 2000
1. Started working.
2. Work
3. Work some more.
4. Found out ex-bf1 was a complete bastard. Broke up. Never felt happier.

3 years ago 2002
1. Better job somewhere.
2. Bought my Satria. Damn proud of it as I earned it all on my own.
3. Was still in the same apartment. Housemate was a sex-craze woman. Stumbled upon her and her bf doing ‘it’ all over the house.
4. Found out ex-bf2 was a complete bastard. Broke up. Joined the gym. Got hooked on Pilates & Body Combat.

Last year 2004
1. Met a wonderful man. Fell in love and still in love. Things happened, heart got broken but decided to stick with him and work things through. Not an easy bit but glad I did.
2. Better job but sucky boss.
3. Got into my 1st accident. Horrified. Couldn’t drive weeks after that.
4. Sex-craze housemate still very sex-craze. Moved to a great apt by year end. Mahal but damn worth it.

This year 2005 (I am 28)
1. Found a better job. Good people. Good place. Happy happy :)
2. Hot Papa met the Family.
3. I met his family.
4. Gained weight but happy with self. Life is short. Decided to care less what other insignificant people think.

Next year 2006
1. Work harder.
2. A trip to Bali(??) I am so hoping for this one.
3. Get a license and practice.

10 years from now 2015 (I'll be 38)
1. I want to be married
2. I definitely want kids
3. Hoping to make enough to give my children what I couldn’t have when I was a child.
4. Save more & send parents to Haji.
5. Take yearly romantic vacation with hubdub.
6. Have a happy healthy life.

Oy, my life is a bore he he but it's all mine.

Next : Anasalwa and MK. You Got Meme'ed ladies....