Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Weekend Y'all

This week flew by so quickly and I can't believe it's already Friday. Hooray! :) People say time moves quickly when you're having fun.

On the contrary really.
Work is beginning to pile up and with the impending EXCO and BOD meetings and AGM just looming around the corner, my prediction is that the next two months will be my busiest months of the year *sighs* I dread AGM though I thoroughly enjoy the end product, I detest the work.

Anyway, I'm feeling Peanut kicking more and more these days, much to Mr Frankie's delight for Mr Frankie foster this dream of sending his first newborn to Manchester United Football School. And whether Peanut is a boy or a girl doesn't seems to matter to Mr Frankie hahahaha!

We just purchased a car seat for Peanut. We decided to go for car seat instead of a baby carrier because baby carrier don't last that long and plus we can't afford to get both so we opted to go for the car seat. So off we went to MC and got this for Peanut :)

Mothercare Seville car seat - Grey Bear

Product details
Car seat suitable from birth
Rear-facing from birth to 13kg (approx 15mths), forward-facing once your child can sit unaided 9kg - 18kg (approx 9mths - 4yrs)
Seat has an integral harness, and is secured in car by an adult seat belt
Side-impact protection
4 reclining seat positions when forward facing
Includes padded newborn liner, chest and buckle pads
5-point, 1-pull harness
Removable, washable cover

The operative word is : practicality. And the fact that this car seat can be used til the infant is 4 years old is a big plus point for us so though we wanted something else in the beginning, we settled for this one.

And since I will be ferrying Peanut to and fro from Shah Alam to Bangi on a daily basis, this car seat provide great safety features and it's grey in colour so it won't be so noticeable when it's all smudge :) hehehehe

And this is Sofiya trying out the car seat :)

So now I need breast$ pump. I've done some surveys and apparently Medela is the best choice. Avent is just way too expensive for me.

We also need baby cot...

...and a stroller.

We're bleeding cash!

But then again, you get to be first-time parents only once in your life so Mr Frankie and I are going to enjoy this.

Anyway, have a good weekend y'all :)