Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Game Is Definitely NOT On Tonight

So, ok it's Saturday night and it's raining heavily outside and Mr Frankie and I were in our room, on the bed, under the comforter getting all hot and steamy. We were cuddling and kissing and groping (ok fine "I" was the one doing all the groping) and I thought to meself "Girl, you're getting lucky tonight".

With Erykah Badu playing softly in the background and me feeling' sexy and all when suddenly...

"Oh god! Oh god!" ...,,

I thought Mr Frankie was getting all sexited when I was nibbling his left ear but no!

"Mummy! The Manchester United game is starting in 5. I gotta go! Love you"

Mr Frankie gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and on my belly and he practically flew down the stairs to the living room.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my husband. He'd pretty much would drop anything (yes ladies, even a hot steamy rompy romp session) for a football game.

What happened to me? Well I put on my pj and joined him downstairs.

Manchester United better win tonight!

Game update : It's half time and Manchester United - 0, Portsmouth - 0. I bugged Mr Frankie to go buy me dinner since the first 5 minutes into the game (that's what you get when you leave me for a footie game) I bugged him every 3 minutes. Now's on the way to the shop to get me some 'Nasik Goreng Paprik' and 'Nescafe Ice' 

Hehehehehehehehe! ;)'s not me, it's the baby :D