Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Here We Come

I'm currently taking NeuroGainPB dietary supplement as instructed by my doctor. Anyway thanks to Leelwan's mommy for the advice. (leelwan is one CUTIE PIE! Check out her blog)
I'd also like to say thanks to Jason Roth of Roth Family Adventure for your concern. I didn't know that preggers are not allowed (or at lest not encouraged) to eat seafood for the level of mercury found in seafood. And congratulations to Roth Family Adventure for being awarded 'Excellent Blog' :)
It's Friday and that means tomorrow is the weekend. Hurrah!!! The last 2 weeks, Mr Frankie and I were on our feet most of the time so this weekend we are just going to do some house cleaning and just chill.
Ok gotta get back to work.
Take care people.