Monday, February 04, 2008

Peanut :)

Hola! Oh my the last couple of weeks have been crazyyyyyyy! This baby of ours has pretty much turned our world upside down inside out up and down and round and round, and he's not even born yet! ;)

Anyway, I have loads to post but for now I'm just going to let you have a peek at our Peanut, our baby :) Well we call him Peanut because he looks like one.

My weekend is pretty much spent doing absolutely nothing because I have zero energy to do anything at all. Thanks to Mr Frankie who seems to be doing all the chores around the house, including making me cheese sandwiches and hot Milo, which are the only things that I manage to hold down. He even did all the laundry, the vacuuming, the ironing, the everything. Love you D *kiss kiss*

I better get going. With Diyana not around, there is nothing much that I can do to amuse myself. I at times find myself making jokes to my chair and table and laughing out loud.

Crazy hormones make you do crazy things.